The quality of a coin


To collect coins is about aiming for the complete colletion of coins. But the question is really complete in what ? A complete collection could be all the gold coins issued under a regent or perhaps all the Danish coins issued after the Scandinavian Coin convention in 1873. The levels in which you collect varies and they often depend on the means and effort you put in collecting. To have a complete collection is to set short and long terms of goals, depending on what you collect. To start collecting the whole amount of issued coins in a country would be like spreading your interests all over and never get the specific information on each peace or coins in the collection. Therefore it is adviced to start by picking out some specific areas to put the effort in. 

The following links could help you aiming for the right place to start your collection or give you some advice on what to be aware of collecting coins. The keyword are among others; grading, coin condition, pricing, coin errors, rarity and how to handle coins with care - it's all about the quality of the coin.


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