Schou Web Coins bids you welcome.


Schou Web Coins was introduced for the first time at the internet, at december 16th, 2000. Since the introdution there has been an increasion amount of visitors at the web page. Due to the popularity among numismatists from many different countries around the world, it was decided to buy the domain Schou Web Coins at july 1st. 2001. 


Schou Web Coins offers a totally new design with a menu a lot easier to work with. It has become even more easy to visit the online coin auctions but also the various services provided in the menu.


Schou Web Coins offers access in only one click, to some of the greatest online coin auction in Scandinavia and the US. Schou Web Coins will try to contribute with a large selection of coins.


Schou Web Coins is a private collector, with the aim of bringing a greater interest into the numismatic world and thereby give information to collectors aswell as interested people, on how to deal with coins.


Schou Web Coins is not a coin dealer and there is no coin shop connected.


Schou Web Coins